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Buying and Selling Social media Shoutouts

Buying shoutouts to boost traffic and credibility is something many businesses are doing these days. If you want to increase your Instagram followers or Twitter followers, for example, a social media shoutout can make that happen pretty much instantly. Are you familiar with how an Instagram shoutout works or any shoutout for that matter?

After all, you can buy shoutouts for Instagram. Don’t worry if you don’t have a clue, because we’re about to explain in detail what social media shoutouts are and how they work.

We’ll even tell you how to get a free shoutout on Instagram and other social media websites. And of course, if you’re wondering which site is the best for selling or buying Instagram shoutouts, that’s us.

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What is a Shoutout?

Basically, a shoutout is when a social media influencer mentions you on their own account. This then helps draw attention to your own account. Let’s say, for example, you want to boost your following on Instagram. Influencer shoutouts will shine a light on you or your company and encourage their followers to follow your IG Account. As a result, you’ll increase Instagram followers. And this can apply to all social media networks (coming soon).

Instagram shoutouts are the most common, but nowadays it’s also possible to buy shoutouts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube too (coming soon). Buying a social media shoutout can also help businesses wanting to grow and get more traffic. Even if you don’t have an Instagram account, you can buy Instagram shout outs that mention your company and link to your site in their bio. To sum up, influencer shoutouts are flexible these days.

How Much are Instagram Shoutouts?

Prices vary. It depends how much you want to spend and how much you’re willing to extend your budget. If your budget is small and you’re content with a small campaign, you’ll be able to buy an Instagram mention for a low price. For example, some influencers with 10,000 followers charge as little as $15 for a shoutout.

Whereas an account with 200,000 followers could charge up to $150. If your budget is flexible and you are looking for some serious exposure, expect to pay around $600 for an influencer with a few million followers. These are not fixed prices, but these are an average. Of course, different influencer shoutout prices are going to be different and vary from one to another. You’ll just need to make them a reasonable offer.

Benefits of Paid Shout Outs

Getting a mention from a popular influencer on social media is a great way to increase your brand exposure and credibility. Billions of people are on social media, which is why social media advertising is the most effective way to get your company in front of a massive audience. It’s also the fastest way to get traffic to your website.

For that reason, buying shout outs from social media influencers can help your business immensely. High profile influencers have a loyal following that literally live by every word that comes out their mouth. They believe every influencer recommendation and end up buying those products. That is the power of social media influencer marketing.

So, to summarize the advantages of shoutouts:

  • Gain huge brand exposure
  • Increase traffic to website
  • Boost brand authority
  • Earn more money from sales
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Purchasing Shoutouts on Social Media

The first step is to register a free account as brand and choosing your social network Instagram. But how do you decide? Well, unless you want to buy shoutouts for them all, you need to decide the main goal of your advertising campaign. Is it to convert traffic to subscribers, customers or followers?

For instance, let’s say you want to increase Instagram followers, then you’d buy Instagram shout outs. If it’s followers, you could advertise on Instagram. And if it’s customers, all except Instagram would probably be the best as they offer a direct post link to your site.

If you’d like to learn more about the different networks, keep reading to find out what each one means and who they’re best for.

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What is a Twitter Shoutout?

88% of social marketers use Twitter for advertising, making it more popular than Instagram – probably because of the whole direct link thing. With over 500 million tweets per day, you need to be something special or post something special to get yourself noticed.

Twitter influencers are an excellent go-to for helping to boost your brand. Whether or not you have a Twitter account, requesting a Twitter shout out from an influencer can lead users either to your profile or straight to your website, resulting in more exposure and possibly more long-term customers.

Paying a Twitter influencer to promote your brand through a shoutout is a fast and affordable way to target your audience and bring them to your site. The good thing about Twitter shoutouts is that influencers can include hyperlinks within their posts. After all, posts with links to more information are the most favored forms of content on social media. (coming soon)

What is an Instagram Shoutout?

While Instagram is slightly less popular among advertisers (83%) than Facebook, it’s ahead in terms of engagement rate (median: 1.60% per post for businesses). Ad spending is also 23% higher on Instagram than on Facebook.

Instagram shout outs are probably the most common among the paid shoutouts. However, it is normally between accounts rather than direct shoutouts to websites. For instance, if you would like to increase followers on Instagram, the best way to do that would be to pay an Instagram influencer to shoutout to your Instagram page. This will direct their followers to your page and potentially lead to a higher number of followers and engagement.

You can also request a shoutout to your website if you don’t have an account, but there would be no hyperlink in the post. The influencer would need to either post your link unhyperlinked in the post or tell followers to “SEE bio for link,” in which there would be a link to your website – the bio is the only place you can paste a link on your Instagram page.

What is a YouTube Shoutout?

YouTube accounts for around 27.1 percent of video ad spending and of the marketers that do run adds on YouTube, 62% say they will be increasing their YouTube ad spending within the next year.

If you are looking to incorporate video ads into your marketing strategy, YouTube shout outs are an active way to engage with your target audience and gain more subscribers on your YouTube channel. But if you don’t have a YouTube channel and just want paid YouTube mentions to your main site, that is possible too.

You can buy YouTube shoutouts from influencers to talk about your brand, give a brief shoutout or/and include a link to your channel or website (coming soon).

What is a Pinterest Shoutout?

With 291 million monthly users worldwide, Pinterest shout outs have the potential to help grow your business. Buying Pinterest shoutouts isn’t as common as buying Instagram shoutouts, but it’s a useful tool for amplifying your brand and increasing traffic to your page. Pinterest marketing is especially useful for brands with women as a target audience, as 79.5% of users on Pinterest are women.

Let’s say you choose a Pinterest influencer shoutout with a few hundred thousand followers. That means your product or brand will be in front of that many people and that many people will become aware of your brand and may visit your site or even buy your product. That would mean buying a Pinterest shout out would be a highly profitable tactic.

Like the other channels except Instagram, a Pinterest shoutout can include a direct link to your profile or website within the pin. That increases the chance of a user being converted into a consumer of your product or service. (coming soon)

What is a Facebook Shoutout?

In spite of the occasional fluctuation, Facebook continues to be the most favored social media platform among marketers. 97% of social marketers consider it their most used platform. With over 2 billion active users, it’s easy to see why it’s the most popular social media platform for advertisers. That’s a huge audience we’re talking about!

Facebook shoutouts are a great way to place your brand in front of a large group of people. Although Facebook influencers aren’t as big a deal as Instagram influencers, if you find a Facebook influencer with a large following, this would be an excellent opportunity for you to expose your business and give it the spotlight it needs to grow.

Buying a Facebook shout out allows the influencer to create a post written in the words you request along with your chosen visual, or theirs, which will then be posted and most likely seen by hundreds, if not thousands, if not millions – depending on the Facebook celebrity you choose (coming soon).

Niche Vendor

The best place to buy shoutouts is NicheVendor Shoutouts. Whether you’re looking to buy cheap shoutouts or more expensive ones, you can find all price ranges on our shoutout network. You can buy Instagram shoutouts. Decide which social media platform works best for your brand or try all of them if you like, then choose an influencer from one of those platforms to promote your brand or brand’s page.

Unfortunately, many sites that sell shout outs don’t disclose any information about their influencers or brands. They keep everything very secretive. We try to be as transparent as possible with our social media influencers and brands.

We pride ourselves in offering high quality, reputable services at affordable prices. Social media marketing is expected to grow and grow, as marketers realize the influence influencers have over consumers.

Our social media shoutouts network is here to offer you a range of influencers in different niches with different numbers of followers. Of course, it’s going to be more affordable to order an influencer with only a few thousand followers than it is to order one with 1 million followers. It depends on how much money you want to invest in social media advertising.

Advantages of shoutouts:
  • Gain huge brand exposure
  • Increase traffic to website
  • Boost brand authority
Advantages of NicheVendor:
  • ✅ Quick and easy setup

  • ✅ Increase brand exposure

  • ✅ Enhance credibility

  • ✅ Boost sales

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How to Get a Free Instagram Shoutout

If you’re wondering how get an Instagram shoutout for free, the best way is by contacting influencers from your own account and asking them for a shoutout swap. It’s called a shoutout for a shoutout (S4S) and, provided that you’re on similar levels follower-wise, there’s no reason why it’s not possible to get a free Instagram influencer shoutout.

The only disadvantage is that not all influencers are willing to do swaps or offer free influencer shout outs. If you don’t have many followers and you really want to make an impact with your influencer campaign, it is better and easier to buy influencer shout outs.

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NicheVendor Shoutouts is an online marketplace where you can buy shoutouts. Buying shoutouts from Influencers on Instagram is a popular method of advertising these days. That’s because influencers have all the power when it comes to influencing consumers. Their followers listen to all of their recommendations and advertisers are aware of this, which is why they’re paying decent money to have them promote their services or products.

Exceptional Quality

NicheVendor Shoutouts is a network that connects brands with influencers by offering social media shoutout services that can benefit both brands and influencers. You can buy shoutouts or sell shoutouts. Our network is a transparent and reliable online source for social media shoutouts. So, if you’re searching for a social media shoutouts supplier, you can count on us for high quality services. In fact, we’re one of the fastest growing networks on the web.

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How to Sell Shoutouts on Social Media

Selling Shoutouts on social media is a great way to earn money from your online popularity. Lots of people are doing it! You might not even call yourself an influencer, but if you have a few thousand followers, why not profit from them? You can do it on any or all of the social media platforms, wherever your audience is. Brands are looking for influencers with an authentic, loyal following that have a high possibility of using the brand’s services.

A shoutout is basically just a mention of another brand’s account or website from your own personal profile in one post or video. In some cases, the brand is specific on what they want and how much they want to pay and the influencer delivers that wish. In other cases, the influencer creates a campaign in which they detail what they offer and at what price so brands can decide if they’re right for their marketing strategy.

It’s easy to sell social media shoutouts. You just have to find a website that buys social media shoutouts and sells them too, sign up, and start. NicheVendor Shoutouts is a great place to sign up, as we offer transparency. If you’re an influencer, you’ll be able to see which brand wants to use your services. We try to make everything as open as possible to create a sense of trust and comfortableness.

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  • ✅ Quick and easy setup

  • ✅ Monetise your social media page

  • ✅ Connect with your niche

Where to Sell Social Media Shoutouts?

NicheVendor Shoutouts is an online marketplace for buying and selling Instagram shoutouts. And it is indeed the best place to sell Instagram shoutouts.

The procedure is simple. You just need to create an account and post your offer.

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