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Want to Drive More Traffic to Your Online Business?

Social media influencers have a large number of loyal followers that live by their guidance.

So …

To make your brand stand out, let an influencer promote your brand on their own account

And …

Be seen by thousands of potential customers.

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What is a Shoutout?

Influencers are the new celebrities of today. Consumers turn to them for advice and recommendations. So, finding an influencer in your niche with a decent number of followers is a recipe for business success.

Just imagine if an influencer with 20,000 or more followers posts a shoutout to your business page? You’re going to be seeing some huge exposure and traffic very quickly.

That’s what shoutouts are for …

Instagram Shoutouts

An Instagram shoutout is when someone on Instagram with a large following posts your picture on their own profile along with your username in their caption and possibly a link in their bio. For example:

If you want a shoutout to your Instagram account:

These health supplements from @(yourusername) have worked wonders on my hair. To order them for yourself, head to @(yourusername).”

If you want a shoutout directly to your website:

These health supplements from (your company name) have worked wonders on my hair. To order them for yourself, head to (your website). See link in bio.”

Twitter Shoutouts

A Twitter shoutout is a similar thing, only with Twitter you can paste a direct clickable link to your website. This is probably a better option for businesses without a social media account. For example:

#Shoutout to @(yourusername)/ (your company name) for these wonderful earphones. Can’t get enough! Visit (your website URL) to get them for yourself.”

Facebook Shoutouts

Facebook shoutouts are another great option for businesses without accounts looking for direct links to their sites. For example:

Loving these protein bars from (your company name) which make my energy levels go crazy!!! Only $3 per bar available here: (your website URL).”

Pinterest Shoutouts

A Pinterest shoutout is photo-oriented, but you can include a direct link within the post. Ideal for businesses wanting to show off great imagery, like a wedding company. For example:

Modern white wedding reception at (your business location). Spectacular decorations.” Then there will be a link at the top like “Read it” or “Visit” that will take users to your site. The picture can also be hyperlinked.

YouTube Shoutouts

Shoutouts can also be done through videos. Popular YouTube channels attract a lot of potential clients, which is why many companies opt for a more interactive shoutout like this one. You can tell the YouTube influencer what you want them to say and they can give a shoutout to you in their video and possibly a link to your website through the video too.