Be a Pro Influencer

By June 4, 2019 No Comments

If you’re interested in earning some serious money as a social media influencer, consider signing up for the Pro membership account on NicheVendor Pro. Pro is the highest you can go as one of our influencers and it’s the best way to gain connections with top brands and increase your earning potential.

So, what’s so special about being a pro?

Here are some features of the Pro membership account:

Pro ($60 per year)

  • Post offers detailing what you can do
  • Bid on brand postings/offers
  • Be a featured influencer on NicheVendor, gain more exposure from brands
  • Unlock exclusive content about influencer marketing
  • Earn 90% of the total revenue.

Benefits of Pro Membership

Unlike a Basic or Plus account, Pro membership gives you much more freedom and exposure as a social media influencer. Not only will you be listed in the influencer directory for brands to find, you’ll also be able to bid on brand offers. Say your price and let brands decide if they want to proceed in hiring you.

In a nutshell, here are the overall benefits of being a NicheVendor Pro:

  • Gain more exposure from top brands in your industry.
  • Increase your chances of getting picked as a paid influencer.
  • Bid on brand shoutout offers and choose your own price.
  • Access influencer marketing materials that will help boost your authority and marketing skills.
  • Earn more money as an influencer.

Want to Sign Up as a Pro and Start Earning More Money as an Influencer?

If you’d like to make a living out of influencing, here’s your chance. When you sign up as a NicheVendor Pro, $60 is a small investment for a year’s worth of exposure, influencer materials, and endless opportunities.

If you’re serious about a future in social media influencing, sign up today as a Pro influencer.